Homemade Sand for Sensory Play



I got the idea for this from http://www.123homeschool4me.com. It’s cheap, safe, edible, & makes for great sensory play for little ones! My 1 year old was entertained by this way longer then my 3 year old.
I do have to warn you though that it can be very messy. We played with it outside in their bathing suits so we could just hose them off when they got done.

Ingredients –
Pure cane sugar
Liquid food coloring


The original blog about this said to shake it up in a bag with the food coloring, but that didn’t really work well for me. I ended up stirring it together in a big bowl.


The liquid food coloring helps to make the sand moldable.


They had a blast with it!


Henry even climbed right in the bin with it!
I just hosed off the grass & the kids when they got done!
I did not tell them it was edible, but Henry does love to eat handfuls of regular sand so I knew he would be safe if he did ingest it.

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